This tool will construct a table for each chromosome which includes match and segment information as well as a visual graph of overlapping segments, juxtaposed with a customized, color-coded ICW matrix that will permit you to triangulate matching segments without having to look in multiple spreadsheets or on different screens in FamilyTreeDNA. Additional information, such as ancestral surnames, suggested relationship ranges, and matching segments and ICWs on other chromosomes is provided by hovering over match names or segments on the screen. Emails to persons you match may also be generated from the page. The web page produced by this program does not depend on any other files and may be saved as a stand-alone .html (or .htm) file that will function locally (or offline) in your browser. You can even email it as an attachment.

Only data from FamilyTreeDNA is supported (so far). Three files, which can be downloaded using, must be provided as input:

[kitnumber]_icw.csv a spreadsheet containing "In Common With" matches
[kitnumber]_ChromosomeBrowser.csv a spreadsheet that lists all matching segments on every chromosome pair
[kitnumber]_Family_Finder_Matches.csv a spreadsheet listing all matches for the test kit

The ICW file can be very large and if you are willing to forego the ICW matrix you may omit it to speed things up.

There is a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions for using the tool and a section on troubleshooting problems you may encounter available here. If you want to quickly see what this does, you can try out a working sample output here. Please direct questions and comments to Don Worth at

There are special instructions for people with Ashkenazi ancestry here.


If you would rather have ADSA read your files directly from the server (faster!), logon to DNAgedcom before coming here.

Please be patient after clicking on the graph button. It can take a minute or more to to complete processing.


Programmed by Don Worth,, - 1/18/2014 - Copyright 2014, Don Worth